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Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana - Waterjet Cutting Services - steel, glass, rubber, plastic, marble, granite, hardwood   Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana - Precision Waterjet Cutting Services
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Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana is now an


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana Cutting Services provide Midwest values and Hoosier work ethic to produce quality products on time and at a fair price.

Waterjet Capabilities - This state of the art process can reduce your production times. Prototypes & ProductionModel Services - Abrasive waterjet technology. Product Gallery - Intricate industrial parts, tile inlays for interior/exterior design.
and Production
Model Services
State-of-the-art process can reduce production times
Whether you are cutting rubber, metals, plastics, or composites, the abrasive waterjet process should be a time and money saving proposition for you and your company.
Intricate industrial and architectural parts and products
We can work with you on your various prototype projects and production models. With our OMAX abrasive waterjet technology, we can provide complex cutting of virtually any material.
Artistically simple, architecturally challenging to the industrially complex
Because of the diverse blend of materials we can cut, waterjet cutting, with or without abrasive is the tool of choice. Check out examples from all three areas in our photo gallery.

Competitive Cost
Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice
Flexibility & Speed 
Production directly from .DWG & .DXF files, CAD files or scanned images
Accuracy & Repeatability
Precise, intricate shapes with tolerances of ±.005”.


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