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Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana was born out of necessity. As entrepreneurs, and having contracted with other waterjet companies, we were subject to their schedule and minimum fees. This made it cost prohibitive when we needed a one of a kind custom retail product made. The ability to make prototypes fast has allowed us to quickly make a market presence, improve on our own ideas and with surplus capacity, make others’ ideas a reality. How can we assist you in making your dream come true?

Our mission is to help companies and individual inventors improve process times, save materials and bring to market new and improved products. This will be achieved by utilizing abrasive waterjet cutting to maximize machining efficiency. In just a few short years, waterjet cutting has been able to provide faster turnaround times and improved accuracy by utilizing waterjet cutting. These cost savings will justify waterjet usage in proto-typing as well as small to medium sized production runs. Some materials are more efficiently cut with abrasive waterjet than any other process if they can be cut at all, using conventional methods.  Our Midwest values and Hoosier work ethic combined will produce quality products, on time, and at a fair price.

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