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Waterjet Machining of Intricate Deer Logo for the Hunting Industry

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Brass Deer Logo Deer Logo Instint Archery

A client from the hunting industry contracted Abrasive Waterjet to apply our advanced water jet cutting technology to produce an intricate corporate logo within a hunting and target practice bow riser application. Three previous shops had attempted this project and failed. We were able to employ our mini-jet, machinery which possesses a finer cutting stream, to affectively construct their product. Due to our ability to successfully produce highly detailed components that met all customer specifications and exceeded customer provided lead times, we have presently been contracted to produce one thousand logos annually for this client.

Upholding a (±) .003 inch precision tolerance, our superior mini-jet was able to construct the logos from a combination of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel materials. Each unit measured precisely 2.125 inches in length, 1.625 inches in width, and .125 inches in thickness. All parts weighed greater than one ounce and possessed five cavities that were meticulously cut into each component.

Upon completion, each unit was electro-polished then electro-plated, providing a durable, corrosion resistant finish.   Due to the delicate nature of the components, the logos were packaged in bubble wrapping to ensure safe delivery. With the technology to create highly intricate details, Abrasive Waterjet was able to successfully carve our client’s corporate logo into their application within a short, customer supplied lead time, and is now the main manufacturer of all their custom built logos.

Project Highlights

Product Description This Intricate Logo is Used Within a Hunting & Target Practice Bow Riser Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Abrasive Waterjet Cutting “Mini-Jet”
Overall Part Dimensions Thickness: .125”
Length: 2.125”
Width: 1.625”
Height: .125
Product Weight Greater Than 1oz.
Tightest Tolerances ±.003
Material Used Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Typical Machining Operations Waterjet Cutting:
3 Shops Tried to Cut the Intricate Details of Logo with no Success
We Had Success Using a Finer Cutting Stream (Mini-Jet) than the Others
Features 5 Cavities Cut into Components
Cut at Room Temperature
Packaging Bubble Packed to Preserve Delicate Nature of Component
Secondary Operations Electro-Polishing & Electro-Plating
Industry for Use Hunting
Production Volume 1,000 Pieces Annually
Delivery Time Meeting or Exceeding Customer Lead-Time
Standards Met Customer Specified
Product Name Corporate Logo