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Emergency Production Run

Possessing a broken rotary stamp, originally used to make their products, a client from Heater Probes Industrial Dielectric contacted our company requesting that we apply our advanced water jet cutting technology to immediately manufacture a series of heater probe shields. These shields are used as an insulator between two electrical components. Based off a customer-supplied design, we employed white formex, a flame retardant polypropylene, measuring four feet in length and four inches in width, as the base material.  Upholding a (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerance, we were able to produce these shields that measured .031 inches in thickness.

Placing parchment paper between each layer to keep the edges from bonding together during manufacturing, we then tumbled each stack to produce a finished product. This process allowed us to both separate the parchment paper from each layer, and to ensure each part possessed a smooth material finish.

Running our machinery for six weeks (with Saturday and Sunday as cushion time), we were able to employ a combination of our water jet machinery and tumbling service to mass manufacture over 25,000 high-quality heater probe shields per day that met NSF specifications (with a minimal cost added for fixtures used for raw material support while cutting). Offering just-in-time service for local, on-site pick-up, Abrasive Waterjet continues to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

Project Highlights

Product Description This Insulator is used between two electrical components within a heater application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Waterjet Cutting (Water Only)
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 4” (Raw Material)
Width: 4” (Raw Material)
Thickness: .031”
Diameter: ø.511”
Tightest Tolerances ±.005”
Material Used Formex
Typical Machining Operations Waterjet Machining:
Cut out Insulator to its finished Dimensions
Tumbled to Remove
Parchment Paper Used to Separate Each Layer
Industry for Use Appliance
Production Volume 25,600/Day
Production Time 6 Weeks
Delivery Time Just In Time (J.I.T.)
Delivery Local Pickup
Standards Met Manufactured to Customer Standards
NSF Certification
Product Name Heater Probe Shield