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Product Gallery - Intricate Industrial Parts
Tile Inlays for Interior and exterior design

Whether you are cutting rubber, metals, plastics, wood, glass, mirrors, porcelain or composites, the abrasive waterjet process should be a time and money saving proposition for you and your company.

Ceramic Tile & Stone

Ceramic Tile Inlay
Marble Tile Inlay
Marble Inlay TS

Simple Opening
for Tile Inlay


Company Logo
or Trademark Inlay

Marble Tile Cut Into Name
650 Limestone Llighted House
Sign Cut Out of Tile

Custom Name Plates

External Signage

Internal Signage

Slate Leafs Cut From.75" Thick Material
Marble Tile Dino

Artistic Design Capabilities

Custom Cut Yard Ornaments

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divit tool cut from satinless steel and cermarked
nested sheet for waterjetting.jpg
cermarking barcode

Metal Marking - Advertising, ID,
Part #

Nesting for Material

Laser Marked
UPC Code

mould pockets uncut
mold pockets cut for half the cost of wire EDM
boat name cut from mirrored stainless stell

Tool Steel Plastic Mold Billets
Before Cutting

Tool Steel - Mold Pocket,
With Reusable Drop!

Transome Guard From Mirrored
Stainless With Boat Name

finished stainless steel rotor
racing rotor
cermarking barcode

Stainless Steel
Racing Rotor

Prototype Racing Rotor From
Plastic to Check Tolerances

Manifold Gaskets
for Racing Engine

electric box
finished electric box
electric box face panel

Electrical Control Panel
Cut Outs

Electrical Control Panel
With Monitors Added

Control Box Face
Plate From Drop

weights for machine cut from 1 inch think mild steel
Drain cover cut from alluminum.jpg
1.25'' cut from mild steel, picture is 2 parts cut at same time

3" Metal Discs
With Indexed Holes

3/4" Plate Yields
Two Good Parts

Drain cover cut from alluminum.jpg
Original drain cover next to new drain cover
diamond tiped grinding wheels

Custom Floor

Personalised Shower
Drain Covers

Trimmed Diamond Tipped
Grinding Wheel

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Sign Cut out of Wood
Grinding Disc

Custom Sign
From Wood

3-6" Pads From One
18" Grinding Wheel

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Ornamental & Architectural Design

divit tool cut from satinless steel and cermarked
nested sheet for waterjetting.jpg
mold pockets cut for half the cost of wire EDM

Mounting Assembly
for Scanner 

Assembled Mounting
Brackets With Scanner

Small Engine
Mounting Plate

sign cut out of stainless steel
finished stainless steel rotor
cermarking barcode

Custom Memorial

Delicate Shamrock
Shape in Mirror

Sport Bar Mirror