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Waterjet Blanking of Riser Handle for an Archery Bow Application

Bow & Arrow PartsA client recently contacted Abrasive Waterjet, wishing to employ our advanced water jet cutting technology to manufacture a series of riser handles used on an archery bow. Upholding a precision tolerance of (±) .010 inches, we were able to blank out each component from 6061 T-6 aluminum. Up to five cavities were meticulously cut into each component, including indexing holes. The finished production process was completed through more traditional milling procedures.

Each component was constructed to measure nineteen inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in both height and thickness. The rough pieces weighed 3 pounds, but after full machining with a CNC mill was completed, each part weighed just two pounds. After production, each component was then packaged in water jet cut foam that was custom fit to each product, ensuring safe delivery.

By employing our advanced water jet cutting technology, as opposed to just using traditional milling procedures alone, we were able to ensure maximum utilization of the aluminum material and offer substantial savings for our client of both production cost and time. With the ability to provide timely, cost-effective, top notch service that met all of our customer’s unique specifications, Abrasive Waterjet continues to produce up to one thousand riser handles annually (170 pieces every two months) for our client.

Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis Riser Handle is used within an Archery Bow
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesAbrasive Waterjet Cutting
Overall Part DimensionsThickness: 1.50”
Length: 19”
Width: 3.50”
Height: 1.50”
Product Weight 3lbs Rough
2lbs Finished
Tightest Tolerances±.010
Material Used6061 T-6 Aluminum
Typical Machining OperationsWaterjet Cutting:
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Blanks to be finished by Milling Process
Features5 Cavities Cut into Components
By Cutting Blanks on Waterjet vs. Milling There is a Substantial Savings in Cost and Time
Maximum Utilization of Material
PackagingWaterjet Cut Foam for a Custom Fit to Product
Secondary OperationsIndexing Holes for Milling Operation
Industry for UseArchery
Production Volume1,000 Pieces Annually
Delivery Time170 Pieces Every 2 Months
Standards MetCustomer Specified
Product NameArchery Bow Riser