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Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana - Waterjet Cutting Services - steel, glass, rubber, plastic, marble, granite, hardwood   Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana - Precision Waterjet Cutting Services
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OMAX Abrasive Waterjet Technology providing complex cutting of virtually any material.

Abrasive Waterjet of Indiana can work with you on your various prototype projects, and production models. With our OMAX abrasive waterjet technology, we can provide complex cutting of virtually any material. This state-of-the-art technology offers flexibility and fast turnaround from prototype to production.

Process Comparisons

Abrasive waterjet cutting vs Wire EDM:

  • 5 to 10 times faster
  • Cuts conductive and non conductive materials
  • No heat affected zones

Abrasive waterjet cutting vs Laser cutting:

  • Cuts materials up to 5" thick
  • Cuts reflective materials
  • No thermal distortion
  • Ability to stack materials with no problems 

Abrasive Waterjet cutting vs Machining centers:

  • No complicated rigging 
  • Less set-up time
  • No pre-processing of materials
  • Use materials more effectively

Typical Users of Abrasive Waterjet Technology

Job Shops:

  • Able to produce a wide variety of short run parts
  • Complements CNC Milling machines and Flame Cutters
  • Frees up other machines 

Wire EDM Shops

  • Saves valuable time where +/- .003 is acceptable
  • No heat affected areas 

Laser Shops:

  • Ability to cut thicker material or special reflective materials

Aerospace Industry:

  • Works with materials that are affected by heat such as titanium and aluminum

Tooling Shops:

  • Works with heat-treated/hardened tool steel

Prototype and R&D shops:

  • Works directly from CAD drawings
  • Ability to make quick changes in part geometry or dimensions

Maintenance and Repair Shops:

  • Ability to quickly produce one-off parts

Original Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Control Just-in-Time inventory requirements

Metal Fabricators:

  • Ability to offer clean edge plate work, such as brackets, machine parts and weldments

Architectural Fabricators:

  • Lets you create complex designs in stone, metal and wood

Abrasivejet Specialty Shops:

  • Produces parts with higher tolerance than any other abrasive jet system and makes them faster

Industrial Manufacturing:

  • Minimize scrap when working with expensive materials
  • Works with materials that are difficult to machine conventionally
  • Free up conventional machine tools and skilled labor

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